Ways to Keep Scorpions Out of Your Las Vegas Home

Scorpions prefer desert climates and gravitate towards dark, cool locations. If you live in Las Vegas, you may find scorpions in your attic, basement, crawl spaces, or even your shoes. To hunt other pests or avoid unfavorable weather conditions, scorpions may enter your home via:

  • Ground-level windows
  • Gaps under doors
  • Cracks and gaps in your home’s foundation
  • Firewood, boxes, potted plants, or furniture you bring inside your home

In Las Vegas, there are three primary types of scorpions that you may encounter:

  • Bark scorpions, which are typically 2-3 inches in size, have tan-colored bodies with black stripes on their backs, and are the most venomous scorpion in the region.
  • Emperor scorpions, which are typically 8 inches in size, have shiny, black bodies, and are not as venomous or dangerous as bark scorpions.
  • Desert hairy scorpions, which are typically 6 inches in size, have tan or green-colored bodies with hairy tails, and are the least dangerous of the three species (which is why they are often kept as pets).

While not all scorpions are fatally dangerous (as some do not inject you with venom when they sting or have weak venom), being stung can lead to swelling and pain, and in severe cases, sweating, vomiting, blurred vision, or an irregular heartbeat. If you or a loved one (especially a child or elder) has been stung, you should seek medical attention.

How to Scorpion Proof Your Home

No one likes uninvited house guests, especially pests like scorpions, so how do you keep scorpions out of your home? Here are 10 prevention tips to help you keep scorpions out of your house.

  • Ensure your home’s weatherstripping (i.e. the sealing on your doors and windows) is in good condition. Sealing entry points to your home can prevent scorpions from finding ways to get inside your property. In addition to inspecting your weatherstripping, you can also check on the condition of your home’s foundation, looking for gaps or cracks.
  • Consider installing a bird feeder. Scorpions are preyed upon by lizards, birds, bats, and other mammals like mice. Attracting birds to your property with a feeder or certain plant life can help control the scorpion population around your property.
  • Inspect your belongings before bringing them into your house. Scorpions can crawl into your shoes, bags, or any boxes/items you bring into your home.
  • Handle other pest problems. Scorpions hunt and eat other insects; if other pests are in your home, the scorpions may be attracted to them.
  • Eliminate standing water problems. If your gutters are clogged or puddles collect around your house, scorpions and/or their prey will be attracted to the water.
  • Eliminate moisture in your house. As mentioned, scorpions are attracted to water, including areas that are wet or dank because of leaky pipes or home fixtures. You should check and maintain any damp areas in your home.
  • Maintain your home’s lawn. Removing wood debris, leaves, or landscape clippings can eliminate the outdoor areas where scorpions (and other pests) find shelter.
  • Put fine wire mesh on vents. If you have rooftop vents, scorpions can easily enter your property. While you don’t want to entirely block your vents, the mesh can stop scorpions from using your vents as an entry point.
  • Put potted plants on stands. Scorpions burrow under potted plants so elevating the plants can eliminate another place they use as shelter.
  • Contact Axis Pest Control. While you may be inclined to stomp on scorpions or eliminate them with garden-variety pesticides, these methods do not guarantee that your home will be scorpion-free. You can trust our highly trained and experienced professionals to remove scorpions from your property safely and effectively.

Why Choose Axis Pest Control?

If you have a pest control issue, Axis Pest Control can be trusted to help you protect your home. We serve properties in Las Vegas and beyond. We are known for consistently:

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Axis Pest Control can help you get rid of any unwelcome house guests, including scorpions, spiders, ants, roaches, and more. To book a service or get a quote today, you can contact us online or call (702) 879-5852. Same-day appointments are available.