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Rodent Control in Las Vegas, NV

Effective Rat and Mouse Removal for Las Vegas Properties

When people think of property damage, their minds might go to burst pipes or natural disasters. However, did you know that rats cause nearly $20 billion in damage to properties and agriculture every year? Rodents like mice and rats can pose a danger to your property by chewing on electrical wiring, potentially leading to electrical fires.

Additionally, rodents are capable of spreading disease and bringing fleas and ticks into your home. All of these risk factors make rodents truly unwelcomed house guests. Luckily, our team at Axis Pest Control offers expert rodent control and removal solutions to homes and businesses throughout Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

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How to Detect a Rodent Infestation in Your Home

Their small and nocturnal nature make it challenging to spot rodents around your home. However, there are a few things to keep an eye out for that can indicate you are sharing your space with a mouse or rat.

  • Unusual noises: Scratching, squeaking, or skittering noises from behind walls or in attics are a sure sign that you are sharing your space with rodents.
  • Droppings: Small dark brown to black droppings can be found around food or near the seams of your home. Stale urine smells can also show up when rodents have spent any time in your space.
  • Holes or bite marks: Because the front teeth of rodents continue to go throughout their life, mice and rats chew on everything to keep them a manageable size. So, if you notice bite marks, gnawing, or holes in fabric, food containers, or wiring, it is a sign of rodent activity.
  • Nests or caches of food: To keep themselves protected, rodents like to build sequestered nests made of available materials and small caches of food hidden. Look out for these small piles to spot a rodent infestation early.

Understanding Rodent Infestations

Rodents may enter your home through very small openings or cracks in the walls, floors, foundation, and roof. They are attracted to food sources such as pet food dishes, exposed garbage cans, and pantries with easy access. Once rodents get inside your home, they can quickly reproduce and cause considerable damage to your property.

Strategies to Prevent Rat and Mouse Infestations

At Axis Pest Control, we perform fast and reliable rodent and pest control solutions that are customized for your specific circumstance. In addition to these personalized and high-quality services, we offer honest recommendations on how to keep your space rodent-free long after we leave.

  1. Look into properly sealing any cracks, holes, or gaps around your property. This practice of exclusion will prevent mice, rats, and other pests from entering your home in the first place.
  2. Properly put away food, including pet food. Just like humans, food, water, and shelter are paramount to survival. So, any food left out can attract rodents from far and wide.
  3. Eliminate previous nests. Once your rodent problem has been taken care of, remove any signs that they were ever there.

Our skilled and highly qualified pest control experts work tirelessly to rid your Las Vegas home or business of rodents like mice and rats. We will go above and beyond to create effective and personalized solutions and treat your property as though it was our own. Our team is so confident in our service that we offer a satisfaction guarantee!

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